About Us

The first years of a child's life are precious …

Not only are they an important time of learning, but they also provide the lifelong basic foundation for forming relationships with parents, grandparents, siblings, caregivers and friends. Incorporated in November of 1998, the Early Learning Institute (ELI) is a private, nonprofit organization that provides and promotes developmental services, education and support to young children and their families in a variety of settings.

ELI serves children with developmental delays and/or disabilities in their homes or other most natural environment, provides support for childcare providers serving typically developing children and children with special needs, and home visits first time parents during the first year of their new baby's development. Other services include Before Books©, a pre-pre-literacy program, community inclusion support and developmental play groups. The Institute also collaborates with other agencies dedicated to enriching the lives of young children.

ELI has experienced phenomenal growth and is now serving 200 families of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds throughout Sonoma County.  The expertise of the multidisciplinary staff allows for dynamic, proactive response and education toward the ever-changing needs of our families and community at large.

Our Vision:

Is to provide developmental assessments, intervention, education, advocacy, support and other services to young children and their families through proactive partnerships with these families, other professionals and community services. Provide these services in the most natural and desirable environment for each individual child and his/her family. Provide a variety of specialized group services: socialization, language, motor, etc. Provide emotional support to every child and his/her family. Provide resource that empower the family for future advocacy for their child. Provide services in the family’s native language whenever possible. Provide professional training and support for individuals who work with children and community training and education about issues that impact children.

We Believe

That PARENTS are their children's first, best teachers. Children have the best chance for Developmental success if interventions begin as early as possible. Developmental services promote family stability by providing parent support and education. Professional services are most effective when offered through a collaborative effort which involves parents and the community on a one-to-one basis there by allowing the parents and appropriate professionals to collaborate and participate in meeting the needs and interests of the child.